As of our April 2016 national convention in Colorado, we have 18 official positions formally spelled out on

(The below description of our platform is taken from Wikipedia)

  • A Balanced Budget Amendment, with a call for an Article V Convention to pass it and other Constitutional Amendments
  • An affirmation of the Second Amendment
  • An affirmation of the Fourth Amendment
  • Replacing Federal income taxes with a carbon tax as a means of "balancing the budget, combating global warming, and encouraging the development of alternative energy sources"
  • A full tax deduction for the health care costs of all Americans "forced" to pay for their own health coverage
  • A "Tithe Pool" to guarantee entitlement programs on a year-by-year basis
  • Support for "all" efforts to get the U.S. military better healthcare and retirement benefits, as well as making it easier for veterans to get access to the benefits they need, "no question asked"
  • Support of global free trade with provisions for a Global Minimum Wage and carbon tariffs
  • Term limits of two terms for US Senators and four terms for US Representatives
  • Term limits of 12 years for Federal Judges, including US Supreme Court Justices
  • The enhancement of electoral security with paper receipts for all individual votes in Federal elections
  • Outlawing the drawing of legislative districts along partisan lines (i.e., outlawing Gerrymandering)
  • A repeal of Citizens United v. FEC
  • A Resign to run proposal forcing Federal officeholders to resign immediately upon filing for a primary election for a higher office, to "allow for the holding of replacement elections in a seamless and efficient manner"
  • Raising the US political donation age to 16 and lowering the voting age to 16
  • Support of a "focused, efficient and aggressive" US space program to "provide us with the 'life jacket' Humankind might need"
  • Support for District of Columbia Statehood "with appropriate provisions for Federal property"
  • Support for the "right of self-determination for all Peoples, including their right to establish new States"