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August 10, 2018

Unity Party Names R.A. Danner National Finance Director


Joe Gibbs
Communications Director

Thornton, Colorado – The United National Committee of the Unity Party of America (www.unitedunitedstates.com) has named R.A. Danner National Finance Director.

"I'm excited to bring a real pro on board," says Unity Party Chairman Bill Hammons.  "R.A. has already proven to be a real asset as our team of Upraisers has raised money nationwide to fund our breakout from our beachheads in Colorado and elsewhere."


About R.A. Danner

R.A. Danner bought his first business at the age of 21, is a successful real estate veteran, has financed and produced dozens of sports and entertainment events, has assisted with the financing of several political campaigns, and currently resides in Arizona.

About the Unity Party of America

The Unity Party of America was founded on November 4, 2004.  This Centrist national political party now covers 38 States -- latest State: New Hampshire -- is officially recognized at the State level as a result of successful Unity Party candidate petitions as well as at the Federal level (FEC # C00591313), and has fielded candidates several election cycles in a row. Its new website is www.unitedunitedstates.com.

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