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For the most-up-to-date news, please visit & join our national party Facebook group (and also feel free to visit our national Facebook page).

Declared 2020 Unity Party Candidates for President of the United States:

Eric Bodenstab of Arvada, Colorado

[In banner image above on right with UPC Committeeman Frank Atwood on left]

Mark B. Graham of Okeechobee, Florida

Roger.E.Nichols of Maryville, Missouri

Declared 2020 Unity Party Candidates for Vice President of the United States:

Bill Hammons of Cedar Park, Texas (Business Site)

Declared 2020 Unity Party Candidates for United States Senate:

Gary Swing of Denver, Colorado

Declared 2020 Unity Party Candidates for United States House:

Rebecca Keltie of Colorado Springs, Colorado

(Official Party Nominees to be Decided in Denver in 2020)


You may wish to donate to the Unity Party through our PayPal page to help fund this new website and other outreach efforts (to donate by check to the United National Committee, first please email mail@unityparty.us for donation/mailing instructions).  See our Donation Destinations page for an idea of where your donor dollars are going.

Welcome to our newest Members (join today!):

  1. Randy Cooper of Warrior, Alabama

  2. David Hicks of Pine, Colorado

  3. Richard Tebbs of Mission Viejo, California

  4. Devin Alwine of Crystal Lake, Illinois

  5. Daniel Klimovich of Arundel, Maine

  6. Chaney Lum of Boonsboro, Maryland

  7. Wesley Smith of Manchester, New Hampshire

  8. Andrew Rusher of Martinsburg, West Virginia

  9. R.A. Danner of Chandler, Arizona

(For a complete list of the 39 United States where we have members, click here.)


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